Your wedding is a unique story to tell!

      There are lifelong stories. These are the stories of love felt and shared, of memories that settle in our memory, of the journeys that will be.

      Your wedding day is a unique story, yours. It is your dream of a lifetime and for you as a couple it is a longed-for destination as well as a new beginning. All you want is to experience it with magic, with naturalness and with serenity, right? We know this well and for this reason we believe it is essential to rely on the right people to tell your story. Professional photographers who know how to capture the intimate emotions, gestures and the sweet tears of that day. And that they know how to do it spontaneously, without any pretence.

      The storytelling of your story will be written on real and authentic pages. And tomorrow, everything you have experienced will be a beautiful and eternal memory.

      Discover the stories and emotions that our camera lives and tells.

      Here you can find the love stories that our camera lives and tells. You find the pure emotions of that day, the honest looks and the spontaneous gestures. Find the rites, rituals, shared moments and memories. You find the people and their stories, each time unique, exclusive.


      The camera dissolves.

      We are here to tell your unique and eternal story with the naturalness and spontaneity that are our characteristic features.


      Our way of experiencing wedding photography

      Our camera dissolves, everything is love, simplicity and sincerity.

      The landscapes of Lombardy preserve your sweet emotions. Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, Lake Iseo and then Milan, Brescia, Bergamo and Pavia welcome your fairy tale dreams. The atmospheres are romantic, the landscapes wonderful. What better setting for your most beautiful day?

      Have a nice journey through the pages of this romantic and unrepeatable book!