The best photo album for your wedding!

      Say goodbye to traditional wedding photo albums, they all look the same. Your wedding photos are an eternal memory, your personal memory, so make your pictures real and palpable, and keep them in an exciting and original setting. In a treasure chest that allows you to keep those memories always with you, perhaps in your bedroom or in the living room at home.

      Just to fulfill your desire, we have chosen to collaborate with Album Epoca, a company that offers the best wedding photo albums. Their innovative products and selections are of great quality and allow you to customize your album as you wish.

      Album Epoca: your wedding photo album is much more than an object …

      Do you, like us, believe that your wedding photo album is much more than an object to be kept? It is the treasure chest of your love story, the place where to keep the eternal story of the most important day of your life as a couple. It is the way to always carry that wonderful memory with you. And all this deserves a photo album different from the usual one, a high quality album, and, why not, customizable.

      The professional photo albums of Album Epoca have a modern and fascinating design. That’s why we have chosen to collaborate with this renowned company. The attention to the details together with the excellence of their models, the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship make their albums the best choice. This is how the photo album of your wishes is born. The treasure chest capable of storing, enhancing and always carrying your wedding photos with you.

      Customize your wedding album.

      Do you want your wedding album to be truly unique and different? Do you want it to become a personalized masterpiece? Thanks to Album Epoca we can create the wedding photo album of your dreams: a decorative object capable of enhancing and preserving the exciting memories of your wedding day.

      You can customize all of this to create, together with us, the best wedding album you could wish for:

      The material of the cover, which can be in fabric, decorated fabric, plexiglass, leather, faux leather, wood, stone, steel or laminate.

      The type of print and the paper quality for the pages of your wedding album, which can be either rigid or flexible and moreover velvety, opaque, glossy or mixed.

      The binding, essential to ensure the longevity of your photo album. You can choose between hot binding with rigid pages and flexible binding with flexible pages.

      The format, which can be square, horizontal, vertical or panoramic.

      The details, which can make your wedding album even more unique. You can add your names, the wedding date, a particularly significant thought for you and you can do it in different styles: UV printing, engraving or metal letters.

      You can decorate the cover with a photo.

      You can choose the gilding between steel, gold and silver. Gilding is not only a decoration, but it is also a further measure to protect your images.

      The packaging, the external box that makes your wedding album even more unique. The choices you have are a lot. You can choose an elegant box, a photo or UV-printed box, an original bag or case.

      With Album Epoca you can have everything you want.

      Are you looking for the wedding photo album of your dreams?

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