We tell your love dream

      Do you think it’s a coincidence that we call ourselves Images of a Dream? Our photo studio was born from the desire to witness the most beautiful day of your life as a couple through exciting and evocative images. With pictures capable of building a story that will last forever. With pictures that evoke a unique and eternal dream of love.

      Why us?

      There are many wedding photography studios in Lombardy. Just take a look on Google in the areas of Milan, Brescia, Bergamo and Pavia and you will be overwhelmed by so many choices. So why trust us? For several reasons.

      The first is that we have conceived and created a new way of understanding wedding photography, far from the classic -typical- style. Our wedding photography has an absolute strength: the naturalness and spontaneity of the images. For the duration of your wedding – from the preparation phase to the cake cutting – our cameras will dissolve and a magical atmosphere will reign around you. No construction, no built poses. The images that tell about your special day will capture your love in an eternal time. Pure emotions, spontaneous gestures, moved looks, hands holding, all of this will be represented in unique and natural pictures.

      The second reason why we are sure that we are the photographic studio you are looking for, is that we are here to document your dream with uniqueness. We believe that your wedding is an exclusive story, your own story. And we believe that love dreams must be engraved in wonderful, eternal memories.

      The third reason? With us your love story will have a dreamlike and enchanting setting. We refer to the wonderful postcard landscapes of Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore and Lake Iseo. And then the characteristic scenarios of Bergamo, the historic buildings of Milan, the unexplored atmospheres of Brescia and Pavia. An enchantment!

      And there is also a fourth reason with no doubts: we are the right choice for you. Our photo albums are a personalized artisan masterpiece. Image after image, we tell your special day in a natural, exciting and unique way.

      Daniele Di Noia | I am the founder of Immagini di un Sogno

      Hi, my name is Daniele Di Noia. I am the founder and owner of Immagini di un Sogno, the wedding photography studio in Lombardy that has one mission: to tell the story of your special day in exciting and eternal images. Just like a dream.

      Now here is a little about myself.

      I was born in Milan on July 5th, 1984. When I was 15 years old, I started being passionate about the world of photography. Over time, my personal life experiences have been fundamental for my new concept to see the wedding photography.

      My best mentor? My older brother, a professional photographer too. When I was still a passionate boy, he taught me about professional photography, analog first and the digital photography.

      Over the years, I graduated, I attended masters and refresher courses in the best photographic Academies and I developed my personal concept of photography. Today I combine traditional photography techniques with the most innovative photographic techniques. The result? A natural, spontaneous and for this reason, even more exciting wedding photography.

      Today I work with the best photographic agencies in Italy and count hundreds of publications in the sector’s books, magazines and weeklies.

      Since 2012, I am the owner of Images of a Dream, the wedding photography studio in Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan) and I have also achieved the prestigious ANFM Photographer recognition.

      Who is ANFM, the National Association of Wedding Photographers

      ANFM is the National Association of Wedding Photographers that has one goal: guarantee to customers a wedding photographer results that live up to their expectations.

      The photographers who are part of it have a big responsibility: create unique memories that couples can keep and enjoy over time and make people live overtime the best emotions that they had lived on their best and most exciting day of their life.

      It is for this reason that ANFM member photographers are carefully selected. Only wedding photographers who meet the necessary requirements and who undergo periodic screening can join ANFM. All this allows ANFM to guarantee the safety and tranquility you deserve, so that your wedding day is unforgettable and what you have always dreamed about. Without any concern.

      I am proud to have obtained the recognition of ANFM photographer.

      Do you want to make your love dream come true with us?